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You’ve discovered the UnfunnyMe Fictionary.

Here you will find definitions, abbreviations, and acronyms frequently used on This list conveys the thoughts and whims of the author and is not a representation of “real” words and meanings. This list is updated regularly with the first appearance of interesting word usage.



Bellhops: a class of people unto themselves with creepy uniforms and suitcase fetishes
Boo: Natasha, eldest of the progeny, aka Bug [eyes], aka Nattie Boh, aka Nattie Boo. Nickname origins had
something or other to do with National Bohemian Beer and morphed from there.
BRAWL: ROLF is out and BRAWL is in! Body Rockin’ AwkWard Laugh!


Classic Unfunny Response: see SNoHS
Colonel Mustard: from the game CLUE
Crankaphonic: immeasurably cranky


DbP: death by pummeling
Dingleberry: small piece of poo clinging to the fur on or near a dogs bootie hole which causes much insane yelping and leaping into the air.
Douche-Fizzle: the lowest of life forms. Even lower than smarmy-two-bit-scum-sucking-leeches who fuck up your happy place.


The Grim: The Washington Post, its contents, its writers, and especially its readers.


HE: Todd, TMarie’s husband, the funny one in the family. See also: Mr. Hilarious
HDD: humor deficiency disorder


Jesso: Gabe, third and youngest of the progeny, aka The Jesso, aka The Baby Jesso, was nicknamed for a dog in a random Teletubbies episode which was played in our house for two years straight.


Marrying-Up the biological drive to procreate flawlessly
Mr. Hilarious: Todd, TMarie’s husband, the funny one in the family. See also: HE
My Mole: No I will NOT tell you where it is. No, it does NOT have a name, that’s ridiculous.


Noogan: Conner, the middle of the progeny, aka The Noogan, aka The Little Snoochie.
The random data that explains the origins of these nicknames exists only in the mind of Mr Hilarious.


OtherMe: alter ego of me. A nasty, taxing little vixen who drinks too much, swears too much,
never does the dishes, and speaks four languages: snarky, sarcastic, sardonic, and all-out-bitch.


PDD: Personality Deficiency Disorder Note: I did not make this up, I read it somewhere,
but I don’t remember where, and I like it. If you know where it came from, comment below.
People: includes family, friends, acquaintances, enemies, total strangers, and bellhops
Poopscapade: any escapade which involves poop
PTAD: Post Traumatic Awkwardness Disorder


Scatological: of, or relating to, fecal matter
SNoHS: Snort-NoddingHead-Snort, otherwise known as the classic unfunny response


THAT: You know, THAT. No, not that, THAT! Duh.


UnF: Twitter & SMS abbreviation used to indicate something is unfunny, also used as hashtag #UnF
#Unf: of course, the hashtag means something entirely different to horny teenagers
UnFMe: Twitter & SMS abbreviation for Unfunnyme, also used as hashtag #UnFMe
#UnFMe: this hashtag is hysterical if you know the urban dictionary definition of unf
Unfunny: what this blog is about, may be interchanged randomly with not-funny
Unfunnyism: the enlightened path to the holy grail of unfunniness


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