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Top Ten

The top ten things you will discover TMarie going on about on

(In no relevant order really.)

1. Herself. And anything related to herself, including but not limited to: family, fridge, dogs, disgusting habits, Facebook folly, fake friends, real friends, random thoughts, fancies, frolics, and foibles.

2. HE. Todd, TMarie’s husband, aka: the funny one in the family, aka: Mr. Hilarious.

3. Sex. No explanation necessary.

4. Travel, hotels, and especially bellhops. (Stop stroking my suitcase you freak.)

5. The relative relation of any two random ideas.

6. Books. The good, bad, and the decidedly unfunny.

7. Movies. The good, bad, and the decidedly unfunny.

8. The big fat A (for Ass-inine) in academia.

9. The Void. The place you get sucked into when you innocently attempt to check your email
in the morning and can’t escape until you urgently have to pee or eat.

10. The Grim. The Washington Post, its contents, its writers, and especially its readers.

Note: If you were looking for top blog posts, see HOTTEST on the UnBlog.


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