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Undiagnosed – An Open Letter to the Man Who Saved My Life

April 12, 2017


Dear Bryan,

You may not realize this, but it’s been two and half years since you saved my life with a single phone call.

In June of 2012 I began experiencing episodes of shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, and severe reflux. I also started having “attacks” in the middle of the night in which I would wake up feeling like my body was on fire, choking and gasping for breath with my heart pounding and my bowels contracting. Every time it happened I would reach over and touch my husband and whisper goodbye because I was sure I was about to die.
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Holy Reflux! The Doctor Stretched My Esophagus

An Unfunny Original

And now I can sing like Adele.
I’m serious, you guys.
I sound EXACTLY like her.

Remember when I was calmly sitting on the couch enjoying some scrumptious chocolate chip cookies – and I suddenly felt like I couldn’t breathe and I thought I was having a panic attack?
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Me and…Other Me?

An Unfunny Original

Me and OtherMe had an argument yesterday.

For those of you who haven’t been formally introduced, OtherMe is a nasty, taxing little vixen who drinks too much, swears too much, never does the dishes, and speaks four languages: snarky, sarcastic, sardonic, and all-out-bitch.
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Everybody Poops…Men Do It More

An Unfunny Original

Since the U.S. publication of Everyone Poops in 1993,
it has become a widely known fact that indeed, everyone poops.
(For years I thought I was the only one.)

The fact that is NOT widely known is that men do it more.
A LOT more.
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